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Animals & Nature
Lots of animal content
Animals tell the story
Fun stuff
Mystery & Adventure
Crime & Detective
Fantasy Worlds
Ghosts & Supernatural
Magic & Witchcraft
Science Fiction
Spies etc.
Time Travel
Other people/places
Short & snappy
Real life
Illness & Disability
Living without grownups
Survival in the wild
War animal/fantasy
War in human world
Second World War


Category descriptions
Mystery & Adventure
Look here if you're into solving mysteries or going on exciting adventures - perhaps to outwit some dastardly pirates.
Magic & witchcraft
Look here for anything involving magic and wizardry (yes, HP is here!). With a whole range of magical stories it's the place for any budding young witches and wizards.
Fantasy worlds
This is where you will find Lord of the Rings kind of things so look here if you're into slaying dragons and monsters. Most of it is swords and spears, but there is a bit of modern stuff too.
Time travel
Although really a sort of Sci-fi, time travel has had so many books written about it that it had to have a category of its own.
Science fiction
This is the place for any-out-of-this-world beasts and machines, as well as slightly more chilling material.
Ever since man landed on the moon, space has had a great attraction for authors, and it's here you'll find our small collection of space stories.
Ghosts & supernatural
Plaintive wails and ghouls are in abundance, with this category devoted to our long dead friends.
There are always computer whizzes out there, and this category is devoted to stories with lots of high-tech content.
Crime & detective stories
Anything involving a magnifying glass and a large bloodhound is put here, so this is the place for any Sherlock Holmes fans.
Spies & undercover missions
With the success of the Horowitz books, there's bound to be a Spy category somewhere, and this is where we keep all of our black-jacketed gunslingers.
Suspense & horror
Even now, the sound of footsteps in a darkened street sends fear through us. Go here if you dare...
For all those people out there who are into fast cars, guns and explosions.
This is the general category for book about surviving against the odds, whether it's up a mountain, in the desert, or in your own home.
Survival in the wild
This is a category for all books which involve living in nature's extremes like surviving volcanic eruptions, living in the rainforest and trying not to be eaten by wild beasts.
Living without grown-ups
This is for all those stories where kids run away from home or are forced to survive on their own for some other reason.
Animals and nature
This the one of the first places all animal lovers should look, as it's here that we put all books that have anything to do with our furry friends.
Lots of animal content
Books where animals play star roles.
Animals tell the story
Look here for the rare sort of books where you get animals telling the story. We only have a small number of books here, but we hope to get more soon.
Real life
Nowadays there are a lot of books written about things that are around us everyday, like drugs, crime and poverty. This is the general category in which we place all of these books.
Friends & family
This is a special category for books about the relationships among friends and in families , such as stepfathers/mothers and children.
Illness & disability
This is a category specially devoted to books about people with illnesses or problems, like cerebral palsy or having a crippled limb.
Bullying is now taken very seriously and therefore there are bound to be quite a few books about it. This is the category for it, whether it is in a school, or outside of it.
This is the general category for books which have something to do with war.
Animal & fantasy
This is ANOTHER war category for books to do with animal war, such as the Redwall series, or war in the fantasy world (dragon slaying and hordes of the undead type of thing).
Human world
This is for all the books about what it's like to live where there is a war going on (like the gulf war, or going further back to the Romans & Greeks) but NOT the Second World War.
World War II
There are a lot of books about WW2, and this is where you will find them all.
Racism / discrimination
Unfortunately there is still a lot of racism around at the moment, and quite a few novels are written to make people realise the significance of it.
Other people / other places / in the past
This is the category for books that have special settings - like Madagascar in the last century, Afghanistan under the Taliban regime, Australia when the pioneers were settling there and so on.
Sometimes the true story of someone's life can be a really good read - this is where we keep books like that.
School stories
Quite a few people are big fans of the Jennings books and other school stories, and this category is for series of books which all have the same characters.
Anything to do with people kicking/throwing/punching/running/jumping.
Fun stuff
You have to read something a bit silly every now and then, and this is where we keep our collection of uproarious hilarities.
This category was made after popular demand. They don't all have to be soppy . . .
Short & Snappy
You don't always feel like getting stuck into a 300 page book, so here are some quick reads.

Quick Pick
- 07 December 2011 -

Jake Pembroke (12) found The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray really easy to get stuck into. It's a world where foul creatures lurk round every corner and bloodthirsty criminals stalk the night and the Fraternity (who practice a dark form of witchcraft) are ever present. The book follows Thaniel Fox, a teenage wych hunter, Cathaline , his former tutor, Alaizabel, a neglected child who was part of one of the Fraternity's rituals, and loads of horrible creatures. This book is written to terrify, to disgust and to excite its readers, keep them full of anticipation and Jake thinks it achieves this brilliantly.

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