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Cool-reads was created and run by Tim and Chris Cross. Cool-reads was launched on 15 January 2001, when Tim was 11 and Chris 13 (we're now 17 and 19). We are keen on books, tennis, snorkeling, books, computer games, friends, books, the internet, books, kayaking, roller coasters, books, rowing, birthdays, books, wildlife, Africa, books, squash, badminton, books, dogs, the beach, music, windsurfing & books....
PS When we have time, we also like reading.

Chris (left) built the cool-reads site. Now that he is out of the 10-15 age range, he is no longer contributing reviews to the site, but he continues to look after the technical side of things.
Tim (right) is in charge of the reviews that appear on cool-reads, and has written more than 370 reviews himself. He also handles most of the e-mail communications.

While we do not still look after the site on a day to day basis, you are still welcome to contact us with any questions or comments you have. Please us the following address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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cool-reads.co.uk has had lots of support since it was launched in the beginning of 2001. To see some of the supportive comments that people made about the cool-reads site when it was first launched, go to the "People say" page. If you would like to know more about why we started cool-reads, and how it works, you might like to go to summary of a talk we were asked to give about the site in 2002. Or you can see a summary of what cool-reads team had to say about making reading cool in 2003.

A significant number of the reviews on cool-reads are written by other cool readers from around the world. The reviews were sent in via a form on the site and we looked at them all and decided whether to accept or reject them.

Cool-reads had some brilliant star reviewers who had at least 30 reviews accepted & featured on the site.

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Elizabeth Collingwood 106
Hilary Martin 59
Rebecca Varley-Winter 57
Alex Varley-Winter 56
Helen Sanders 53
Sarah Vining 46
Daniel Vining 41
Fiona McCollum 38
Emily Shaw 35

Quick Pick
- 02 March 2012 -

Ruby Holler is a great read all about Dallas and Florida, two children who were left at the doorstep of a children home as babies and have been there ever since. Every time a set of foster parents come to take them, they return them soon, and the children hate it. But when they are taken by Tiller and Sairy Morey, could something be different?

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Tim 445
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Elizabeth Collingwood 106
Hilary Martin 59
Rebecca Varley-Winter 57
Alex Varley-Winter 56
Helen Sanders 53
Sarah Vining 46
Daniel Vining 41
Fiona McCollum 38