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Do's & Don'ts for writing reviews

This page is here to help you before you write a review, if you have any queries about writing reviews which aren't on this page, please e-mail us at office@cool-reads.co.uk

Do's for writing reviews-

DO try to make sure that you have at least 3 lines for 'what happens' and preferably for 'who is it about' as well.
DO make sure that there aren't already 3 reviews of the book you want to review, as we won't accept any more.
DO make sure that you have all the details of the book (publisher, year, number of pages and ISBN).
DO check your review for spelling and grammar mistakes before you send it.

Don'ts for writing reviews-

DON'T send us a review of a book if there are already several reviews on the site. We don't want it to get too huge so the maximum we have is three reviews of any one book.
DON'T just tell us who the book is about in characters, tell us where they are from, what they are doing wherever they are, and why they are doing it.
DON'T write your review all in capital letters or in lowercase as we don't have time to retype it.

We hope that this helps you when you are writing a review.

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Quick Pick
- 07 December 2011 -

On the fifth anniversary of his sister's death Jonny is still haunted by the memory of it, and riddled with guilt and uncertainty. The only person who can help him is Bonny Benedicta, the other witness to the fatal event.

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