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Books for 10-15 year old readers by 10-15 year old reviewers
Hundreds of cool-reads reviewed by 10-15 year olds. The cool-reads site was designed and run by Chris and Tim when they themselves were in the cool-reads age range of 10-15. We are now out of the age range and the site that we built up with the help of hundreds of cool-readers from around the world is now archived here. Feel free to browse. More ...

Top Picks

Go to the review Hellbent by Anthony McGowan follows Conor, a young Irish boy who is suddenly run over by an ice cream van in one of the most ignominious deaths ever. He wakes up in Hell, sentenced to an eternity of torment for exceeding the lies quota in life, that is to say, had he lied three less times he would not be in Hell. Conor is assigned a personal tormentor, Clarence, whose job it is to make every second of his time as boring/painful/unbearable as possible. However, when things take a turn, boy and devil, along with a Viking warrior, are pitted together against immeasurable odds as they try to escape all of the demons of Hell. But can Conor trust his friends? It's a new, refreshing and funny read, and would probably appeal best to middling to older readers.
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Go to the review The Cry of Icemark follows the struggle of a small northern country and its teenage warrior queen against a mighty invading empire. Thirrin is forced to rule Icemark after her father's death, and has to face the huge threat of the Polypontian empire (a parallel of Ancient Rome) invading from the south. In order to beat them back, she has to travel across the lands looking for allies in her struggle on journeys fraught with danger and icy cold. However the military might of Polypontus has been unstoppable this far, and can the tiny nation of Icemark succeed where countless others have failed? There is lots of action and adventure throughout which makes for a fast-paced and enjoyable read.
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Books you might like to know about
Val, Tyler, The Time Wreccas
The first of a new fantasy series called The Greenwich Chronicles. Probably best for people at the younger end of the cool-reads age range.

Puffin, Hardback, 238 pages, 0141381566, 6 January 2005
See www.puffin.co.uk for more information

Chris, Priestley, Redwulf's Curse
The third book in this series of Tom Marlowe adventures, all set in the 18th century

Doubleday (Random House), Hardback, 186 pages, 0385606958, February 2005
See www.kidsatrandomhouse.co.uk for more information

Rosie, Wilkins, So Super Stylish
A sequal to So Super Starry. Octavia is taking a break from celebrity life and going to a normal comprehensive school. But there's trouble afoot.

Macmillan Children's Books, Paperback, about 263 pages, 0330434527, 4 February 2005
See www.panmacmillan.com for more information

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cool-reads book collections

Collections of top cool-reads might be coming to a school near you! Check out these great selections of books, chosen by cool-reads' Tim Cross and sold (mainly to UK secondary schools) by Badger Publishing.

Amazing Adventures - explore the lush South African rainforest or experience life in Neanderthal Africa.

Dastardly Deeds - fast-paced action reads about ghostly goings-on and sinister schemes

Riotous Reads - this is where you'll find magic and mayhem, flying wardrobes and rampaging rats

Desperate Dramas - strong and compelling reads based on real life dramas like bullying and racism

Fabulous Fantasies - for huge battles, wily witchcraft and mysterious magic, not to mention vast rolling cities

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Quick Pick
- 06 March 2012 -

Control Shift is a great read, some of it in the past and some now, it combines horror and adventure to make a brilliant book.

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